The teams which are rumored to want Damian Lillard ?

The trade request of Damian Lillard made him the favorite topic of league pundits during the second day of NBA free agency.

Immediately after the news came out, there were rumors and suggestions.

Who would want Portland’s All-Star guard?

What would they offer?

It wasn’t a revelation.

The end of Portland’s season in April brought about discussions about “Will he or won’t he?”

Dame talked about the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets as desirable destinations long before he made his desire known.

On the first day of Dame-mania, the two franchises received the lion’s share of the jibber-jabber.

They are not the only teams in the race.

National experts have suggested alternate destinations over the last 24 hours.

The baseline will be set by media sources in this post.

We will start with the basics, then add to it as new rumors arise, keeping all of the day’s speculation in one place.

Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report described Miami’s likely offer.

Sources say the Heat are prepared to offer a package centered around Tyler Herro, with possibly Duncan Robinson and picks.

The Heat would prefer to keep him out of trade scenarios.

Sources say that Portland could try to include Jusuf in a deal.

Haynes followed up with more permutations of the deal.

A little knowledge of the system and knowledge of Portland’s situation would indicate that Herro would be traded to a third party for more assets as part of the deal.

One of the definitive pieces on the subject was written by Sam Amick of The Athletic.

Amick claims that the split was already communicated at that point, barring a franchise-changing move in free agency.

According to Amick, Miami is the only destination that Lillard wants to go to.

There is tension between Dame’s goals and Cronin’s, already evident at multiple points leading up to the trade request, which may rear its head one more time.

Rival GM’s are ready to provide alternatives to the “Tyler Herro and Picks” package at the center of the Heat offer.

Philadelphia, the Clippers and Utah are some of the teams that have interest in Lillard.

Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report reported that a third team would be needed in a deal with the Heat.

Tyler Herro is likely to be sent to Portland in a possible deal for Damian Lillard, but he makes little sense on a roster that is loaded with guards and would likely need to be re-routed to another team.

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer ran down the teams from the Big Eight Non-Miami who could enter.

You will need to read the article for his full suggestions, but here are the teams and abbreviate versions of possible offers.

1.Sixers:Miami has an offer with a future first, swap, and expiring salaries.

2.Celtics:The Celtics could offer up to three firsts and one swap with Malcolm Brogdon, Robert Williams, and others.

3.Clippers:Could the Clippers go for Dame instead of James Harden?

The two distant future firsts that are available to trade are high-value picks, considering how old the team would be by then.

Mann is a good player to include.

4.Nets:He said he would be happy to be traded to Brooklyn because of his friendship with Bridges.

If the Nets wanted Herro, they could offer all of their own firsts, plus Suns firsts, Mavericks firsts, and Mavericks firsts in 2029, plus a swap.

The last suggestion was made by Steve Dewald in the trade request edition.


5.Jazz:If Danny Ainge is ready to go for it, the Jazz have plenty of picks to trade and some young talent.

6.Spurs: The Spurs have their own firsts, as well as future firsts from the Bulls, Celtics, Hawks, Hornets, and Raptors.

Some are protected.

7.Pelicans:There are several future firsts and young players that the Pelicans have to offer.

Would they give up Zion?


8.Raptors:What is preventing them from throwing three firsts, a swap, and OG Anunoby at Portland?

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